PatriotWeb Self Service and Internet Native Banner Unavailable

Impact of the change on users:

Patriot Web Self Service and Internet Native Banner (INB) will be unavailable during the maintenance period while ITS upgrades the following applications:

  • AR
  • Admin Common
  • Alumni & Alumni Self Service (Patriot Web)
  • Database upgrade
  • BDM (Imaging)
  • Employee Self Service (Patriot Web)
  • Faculty/Advisor Self Service (Patriot Web)
  • Finance & Finance Self Service
  • Finance Aid
  • General
  • HR
  • PosnCtl
  • Student & Student Self Service (Patriot Web)

**Please do not attempt to log in to Banner or Patriot Web during maintenance.**

Reason for change:

ITS is upgrading Banner applications. (ID#: 164746)