Globus Maintenance

Impact of the changes on users:

All Globus services will be unavailable, including Auth, Transfer, Flows, Search, Timer, and Action Providers. Users will not be able to authenticate to applications that rely on Auth, including the Globus Web app, Globus command line interfaces, and third-party applications and services, such as web portals that use Auth for user login and applications that use Globus services for data management. Transfers that are in flight when the downtime begins will resume at the last checkpoint when the services are restored at the end of the maintenance period. With the exception of runs from Timers that reach their end criteria during the downtime, a Timer run scheduled during the downtime will execute as soon as the service is restored. If multiple Timer runs are scheduled during the downtime, only one run will execute when the service resumes. We recommend that users check the state of their Timer runs after services have resumed. Flow runs that attempt to start a new step during the downtime will fail. We recommend that users check the state of their flow runs after services have resumed.

Reason for the change:

The vendor is performing maintenance. (# 251972)