Important Changes to Adobe Acrobat

Adobe recently removed the Adobe Sign functionality from Adobe Acrobat DC. This included Acrobat DC licensed as a stand-alone app and Acrobat DC licensed as part of Creative Cloud All Apps. Information Technology Services (ITS) did engage with Adobe to negotiate options for Mason’s license and this tool, but we were unsuccessful in reaching an agreement and recognize the frustration Adobe’s decision causes in our current virtual workplace.

What Functionality Has Changed
Acrobat DC includes multiple tools to allow users to work with e-signatures. If users have the latest version, they will see Adobe Sign and Fill & Sign, which has two options— Fill and sign (You) and Request signatures (Others)Adobe Sign and Request signatures (Others) are powered by Adobe Sign, which has been decommissioned. The Fill and sign (You) option within Fill & Sign has not been affected and will remain available to Acrobat DC users. This means users can still sign and time stamp documents and save those documents. However, they cannot send documents on for additional signatures or execute signature workflows within Adobe Acrobat DC software.

Additional information

Please note, there are currently no active plans for an enterprise e-signature tool at Mason, and you are strongly encouraged to review the university’s Guidance for the Use of Electronic (Digital) Signatures (

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the ITS Support Center at
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