Banner Admin Apps Issues

Outage category: 
All Mason users
Resolved alert: 
05/29/2019 7:33 am

Users signing onto AppNav, immediately got a “Session Expired” message.  After clicking

on “Reload” several times, they would get the Ellucian default login screen.  Some users

apparently were taken directly to the Ellucian login screen.

At first, this looked like Chrome issue because when the Chrome login failed, the users

would attempt to login using Firefox or other browsers and would succeed.  As more

reports came in, it because apparent that this was not browser related but was instead an

intermittent issue.


We were not able to duplicate the problem

Initial symptoms: 

Some users would receive an “Session Expired” message or redirected to the Ellucian login screen

05/28/2019 5:40 pm - 05/29/2019 7:33 am
Impact to Mason: 

Some users were unable to log into the AppNav function of Banner.

Affected Services: 
Banner Admin, Banner Reports

The DBA team sees two possibilities:

  1. Navigop2 was getting the bulk of the “load balanced” sessions so it hit the 300 max
  2. The connection from Navigop2 to Banner was very unstable so it needed to reconnect. The sessions did not exist in the database but perhaps were continuing to use resources on the server.

Given the error messages we have found, it is likely the second.


  1. Saved the current logs on /app/fmw/user_projects/domains/base_domain/servers/AppNavPROD/logs
  2. Stopped the application for AppNavPROD
  3. Start the application for AppNavPROD
  4. Check the number of sessions for the server

Unusual issue. Monitoring user access and reports

Service Team: 
Database, Middleware, and ERP Support