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Chad Britt

Our network monitoring application WhatsUp Gold went down this morning. Normally we reach out to a specific engineer on the Server team who manages the server that this app runs on for help, however, this person was out of the office for a break. I reached out to my good pal Chad who did not hesitate to lend a hand and help us out. He immediately found the issue and rebooted the service for us, thus fixing the issue and bringing us out of the dark. Chad does not manage this server but he knew we needed immediate help as we could not see the network monitors and this is critical to our job. Chad stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park and he truly deserves this award. He demonstrates what ONE ITS is all about. I am truly grateful for Chad and his willingness to help without a moment's notice. Thank you, Chad!

Dylan Gerhard

John McShea

John is always willing to jump in and take on tasks of all sizes to help out the team - and it doesn't always mean projects. John recently volunteered to coordinate the removal of surplus items from our office that had been sitting in a pile since August. He reached out to learn what was needed, coordinated with the folks from ITS and Surplus and within a few days, the office was cleaned out and surplus was removed. I know that when John is given a task, it will get done, and he is always looking for ways to help make things around him better.

John Prette

Ali Golkar

It's no secret I really enjoy working with all of ITSO, everyone in that department is pretty awesome, but this is about Ali.
I've known Ali since he was a student wage and we have gotten to work closely together for some time now. Often I find that we are on the same page in our conversations and always enjoy our candor.

Regarding Cisco Umbrella and all of that goes with it, he's always great about keeping me informed of any issues and getting me updated installers for distribution. On the latest update deployment, I was receiving information from someone that was falling short of reality. I went to Ali and he was able to confirm that everything was working correctly as the logs were stating. Always nice to know you're not going crazy.
I just wanted to say thank you for his responsiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism. He's always great to work with.

Thanks, Ali,

-Jed Frye

p.s. I've heard you have the inside scoop on how to get an Xbox series X, if this is accurate please DM me.

Larry Song

The certificate for Jamf to securely communicate through the F5 with critical services (not world accessible) was soon expiring. I had a calendar event for the expiring cert and reached out to Larry about it, but he was one step ahead of me and had already requested it. On early Monday morning he informed me that he would be applying the cert before noon and sure enough by 11 a.m. it was done, I was able to test it in Dev and then apply it to production.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but keeping certificates current is critical to not having outages or loss of in-service functionality. Of course, I thanked Larry for his efforts but wanted to go a step further and make sure he was recognized for it.

Thanks, Larry!

-Jed Frye

Nikolai Majorin & Joshua Grant

Nikokai Majorin and Josh Grant went above and beyond in helping my telecom team with the disastrous roof leak in our Harris Theatre telecom room. If it would not have been for their swift actions, the entire campus could have been without phone and internet service! Both immediately called out to facilities and their supervisors to get assistance in the potential flooding of this room. They requested humidifiers, fans, and service at once to impede any further damage. They stayed in the space moving equipment and covering as much as possible preventing possible shortages. Even after facilities found the root cause, Josh and Nikolai stayed on top of the area, dumping the humidifiers so they would not overrun the room with water, and continued to monitor the space. Kudos to their efforts and due diligence in maintaining control of a situation that could have proven disruptive.

Cherie Galantis


Ryan Sakai

During the Chart of Accounts project, I have had the pleasure of following communications between Ryan, our SIG consultants, and the Mason ITS team. Ryan has been our primary point of contact for the virtual environment put in place for our contractors use. This type of access is not something these financial folks have used before and has presented a challenge to the continuity of work. They frequently reach out to Ryan for help in areas he does not normally support. Rather than passing the email requests off to someone else or ignoring them, Ryan consistently steps up to a service ownership role with kindness and supreme patience. Knowing the time constraints of the work these folks are trying to accomplish, Ryan facilitates the connection to the right person in ITS to handle the issue. In cases where troubleshooting is required, he provides a clear and confident presence to these folks and gets the job done every single time. Thank you Ryan!

Rob Faber

Larry Marca

Larry assisted us with moving 100+ School of Business devices to a different network. He was always responsive to our questions, and the project went very smoothly. We appreciate Larry's attention throughout this project.

Kathi Gelona

Christina Crockett

I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Christina Crockett AKA “CC-Rocket 🚀” Recently she helped me with creating a page on the ITS website and of course it looks amazing and way better than I was thinking in my mind. Having so many pages and having to keep them up to date is a huge undertaking and Christina does an awesome job and it reflects really well on ITS.

Thanks CC-Rocket!

Jed Frye

Bob Peraino

Bob Peraino is always ready to assist! I often have issues with my Bitvise Secure Server Application, password, and log in access. In one instance, my password expired and I was locked out. After assistance with IT Support, Bob followed up with me and took the time to instruct me on how to change/update my password thru the Bitvise system command screen. I appreciated this very much because it saved me from letting my password expire. Bob is always attentive, asks questions, and is professional. He is an expert systems engineer and knows his stuff. Also, if there is an issue having to do with Pinnacle, Bob works along with the database support team in solving the issue. "THANK YOU BOB for All you Do!"

Tamika Wilks

Sandy Winter

Sandra is a True Life Saver!" Often, I have issues with my login and password access for my Bitvise Secure Server software. All I have to do is drop Sandra a Microsoft Teams note, and to the rescue! She is always prompt, professional, and patient with me and the issue at hand. She takes the time to ask questions, then begins to investigate the problem. If she does not know, she will dig deeper. She was not too familiar with the Bitvise Application either but took extra time to meet with me, over Teams, and we figured out and solved the problem together. We both learned something new. I appreciate that she takes so much of her own time to solve problems. If we need input from other engineers, she will not hesitate to ask them and work along with them. She and I have the same personality, and I enjoy conversations with her, as we work together. "THANK YOU SANDRA," for All that You Do!!

Tamika Wilks

Elizabeth Redwine

I spent more than 30 minutes today trying to find out my GMU email address. Should be easy, right? But it wasn't. I was an outside contractor with the university a few years ago, and I'm sure I was given the email address then, but I never needed to use it so I had not written it down. Now that I did need it to enroll in something, I tried navigating various GMU sites to see if I could locate it.

When that failed, I contacted the IT office. A very helpful woman named Elizabeth came on the line and spent 20 minutes walking me through the steps with DUO notification (which my iPhone, for some reason, did not initially welcome) until we were able to locate the email address.

I just wanted to let you know what a competent (and friendly!) employee Elizabeth is.

Marylou Tousignant


Stephanie Klare

Thanks so much for your help! I did hear from Desktop Support. With you help and g and, with your help, they plan to meet me in my office tomorrow at 11 am to address the issue. I tell you I was in the middle of a panic attack, and I really didn't think I would get help today. Not only did you calm me down with your own regulated behavior, you also helped me to see that things weren't as bad as they seemed. More than anything I got my problem solved. I so appreciate it. I copied your supervisor on this message as I wanted her to know that all is well on your watch! Thanks again and I owe you BIG!!!

Pamela Garner


Debbie Penny

Thank you so much for helping me out today with restoring my document. You saved so much of my time and really made my life easy. Thank you again. I appreciate your help and how you took my concern seriously. I hope you have a great day!

Moksheda Thapa

John Clark

Today, as an Adjunct Professor with amateur computer skills, I desperately need help in setting up a Zoom invitation and meeting for a guest speaker for my class this coming Wednesday. John spent almost an hour with me (my fault not his that it took so long) patiently walking me through the process step-by-step. I was so impressed with his knowledge, skills, and patience that I felt obligated to let his supervisor know of the wonderful job he did for me.

Larry Leiser

Maribeth Luftglass

Maribeth has done an outstanding job providing project management subject matter expertise during the soon-to-be-completed Apogee ResNet Initiative (Project 747). She has been a wonderful asset to ITS, and I am extremely thankful for her coordination and communication efforts on this project. I cannot believe that you have only been part of the team since April, as you have hit the ground running! Thank you Maribeth.

Brian Gantt

David "DROB" Robertson

If you are the type of person to be reading these VTTC award nominations, you already know Drob is amazing. He most recently helped me with reports in TeamDynamix. And by the way, he had to do the work twice, since I screwed up the first report and he did not complain (and he very likely didn’t have an ill thought of it or me) when fixing it! When people like Drob congratulate me for my own accomplishments I think, “Wow, there are so many other deserving people in ITS worthy of accolades.” Drob is one of them. He’s an ITS Treasure™.

Matthew Berlejung

Debbie Penny

I have just had the most wonderful experience with your staff member Debbie. She was so patient with me. It took a long time and she couldn't have been nicer and informative. You are lucky to have her.

Rita Ailinger


Brendan Nary

Brendan is a class act. He returned to campus a little earlier than the rest of ITS and there was a day when I needed help with an external department who was utilizing our space, so I contacted Brendan to see if he'd be able to help in a pinch. It was a last minute ask and he didn't think twice before agreeing and jumping into action. Brendan is continuously looking out for members of the team and always instills a sense of camaraderie, further solidifying the notion of One ITS. If you haven't had the pleasure of working or conversing with him yet, you're in for a real treat. Just don't be too alarmed by his incredibly dry and witty sense of humor. Thanks, Brendan, for setting such a great example!

Whitney Sublett

John Hanks

I wanted to thank John Hanks (the DNS Wizard) wizard

After Mason-Secure went to the eduroam network the Apple Content Caching server was no longer able to serve that network, which accounts for a huge amount of traffic and a large number or clients (thousands daily). While it's not a mission critical service it does reduce a lot of bandwidth and greatly reduces peoples’ time for installing macOS, iOS, macOS updates, iOS updates, and any apps or app updates.

John was very helpful and quick to look into the issue and reapply the TXT record, when that didn't fix the issue he offered to look at the packet capture which I sent and he was able to determine the issue in what seemed like no time at all.

Again thank you John Hanks for being great to work with.

-Jed Frye

Ginnie Mahoney

Ginnie assisted with our office, Enterprise Collaboration, in the vendor replacement of a monitor on the web conferencing equipment in her Aquia suite. If it was not for Ginnie's flexibility, I would have had needlessly come in-person to only swipe my ID and "babysit" the vendor. Because Ginnie rearranged her schedule, she was able to do all of the above, and much much more (including having chocolates on hand when I am near!). Thanks Ginnie! I owe you more than one.

Matthew Berlejung

Julia Tungli

During the Blackboard Webinars for the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Groups Tools, she showed great energy and passion during the webinars. Even though I raised many questions during the webinars, she willingly provided solutions to my questions. After webinars, she sent me recordings of webinars via mail, too. She would share her time and efforts for supporting my courses at Mason Korea. Thanks to her, I could create and run effective and efficient classes with the knowledge about the Blackboard utilization.

Leo Jung

Lauren Reese

Lauren continues to be a rock star in ITS. While balancing heavy communications for our MasonLive to Office 365 Student migration, she spent her Sunday updating all the web pages related to the release of the 2FA functionality within the password.gmu.edu site. This ensured that all our knowledge capital was up to date and correct for when customers and the support center look for information. Then, Lauren turned around and completed an additional request this week to develop the web page for the new Projects Dashboard. Lauren built the dev site on Monday night, received feedback, and by Wednesday night, had the production site up and live in time for multiple governance meetings on Thursday this week.

John Prette

S. Lee & David Rajaobelina

Due to defective equipment and short staffing, Cherie and I asked for Lee and David to assist me with the installation of a very large monitor in one of the classrooms. Lee arranged to take delivery of the freight, David and Lee assisted in installing the monitor, and Lee is arranging the return shipment of the freight. We have quite a few more warranty repairs on the horizon and as our office learns how to do this, Lee's assistance during this growth stage has been invaluable. Thanks, Lee! Thanks, David!

Matthew Berlejung

Ying Dang

After releasing a major change to the Password.gmu.edu site to include all the two-factor authentication elements, a bug was found by users with expired passwords attempting to access the site and update their information. Customers were under a time crunch because they had already missed the deadline to upload their Covid Vaccine information and they had let their passwords expire and hadn't enrolled in 2FA when previously prompted. Ying jumped in and was able to troubleshoot the issues in less than 30 minutes and within two hours had a workaround to solve all the open ITS Tickets as well as a patch implemented in the production environment to resolve the issue. This lead an immediate decrease in calls to ITS Support and improved the overall success of the site and its associated enrollment.
John Prette


Debbie Penny

I just want to express my gratitude for the assistance Debbie gave me this week in navigating and signing up on the incredibly complex GMU systems. She was so helpful and patient. She is a great resource for faculty and students alike!

Wayne Zell

Andrea (Andie) Powell

With very little notice, Andrea identified an issue with an impending school move and assisted us so that users would be ready in their new space. She facilitated communications so that I could concentrate on the move rather than need to reach out to other departments in ITS, and she checked in regularly to make sure everything was working. We greatly appreciate Andrea's help.

Kathi Gelona

Toni Mehrman

Our team came to Toni with registration requests that had a time constraint. While she was about to start her long weekend break (Memorial day weekend), Toni gladly joined the Teams session to help us. She gave very clear instructions what information should be set and provided, which later allowed us to complete the conference registrations very effectively. It was a pleasure to work with Toni. We would like to recognize her dedication and effectiveness. One of us set our temporary conference password to "ToniRocks!" just to show our appreciation! Thank you, Toni! 🙂

Yuko Kuo

John Clark

Being a technological ignoramus, I have called ITS many times over my career as a GMU student. John was able to explain things to me in a way I understood significantly better than anyone I have previously talked with. He had incredible patience with me when I was having problems following instructions that more technologically savvy people would have completed with problems. He was persistent in getting my problems solved. It was the most helpful and satisfying experience I have had with a computer support person. Thank you for having such a helpful knowledgeable person manning the ITS support line.

Mary Curry Narayan

Mark Craft

I would like to thank Mark Craft for stepping up, while one of our engineers had to take some extensive leave. He took on extra duty which was critical to our services. He actively looked into incoming requests and promptly worked with us on them. Thank you very much for your help, Mark!

Yuko Kuo

Kristen Jennette

I would like to thank Kristen Jennette for stepping up, while one of our engineers had to take some extensive leave. She took on extra duty which was critical to our services. She is dedicated and always promptly updates us. Thank you very much for your help, Kristen!

Yuko Kuo


John Clark

I’d like you to know the outstanding service I received from “John” yesterday. I regret I do not have John’s last name; he assisted me early yesterday morning I had purchased a new phone and required assistance in resetting the “duo” link, etc.

He was polite, helpful, and just went beyond the call of duty to assist. I was so grateful for his professionalism and knowledge.

Renee Younes


Debbie Penny

Very patient customer focused individual. Great personality yet professional the entire time. I waa frustrated as your request to update my password- relatively simple - required me to access multiple systems and processes such as another tier of authorization, an iphone app and the last like - way to much too ask of me at this point in my life....as if navigating the pandemic wasn’t enough? Regardless this rep is excellent technically and has the patience of Job. Have this rep train others on how it should be done. Pure class.

James Maiden

Thomas Vu

The individual who provided the service exemplified professionalism at the highest level. The IT service representative was advised by the service requestor that GMU representative was dealing with a 'Luddite', an individual with extremely limited technical knowledge and no owning a cell phone. Throughout the exhibited extraordinary consideration, patience and clarity of instruction. Further, his calm, cool & articulate advice and guidance transmitted itself to t he requestor thus enabling him to understand what actions to take to resolve the concern he had with minimal anxiety. During the process the requestor asked additional questions which were equally and clearly addressed thereby enabing the requestor to take actions required. The GMU service representative was an individual whose actions and techniques were worthy of emulation by his colleagues. His talents, both in intrapersonal and technical skills should be recognized and rewarded.

Stephen Eisenberg

Mike Fletcher

He provided me with the necessary information I looking about the virtual lab.

Bobby Saleem

Matthew Berlejung

I had an urgent request from our leadership to create a document using technology that I wasn't 100% familiar with. I found Matthew's name in the Collaboration team and IM'd him on the spur of the moment. Matthew called me and explained all the aspects of technology, including the best method for the leadership. I appreciate Matthew's very quick response and checking in to ensure I had the solution before we ended our call.

Kathi Gelona


Carrie Stewart

Carrie has taken on the role of HR liaison for ITS. She has her work cut out for her, as she takes over for Pam Thomson. Carrie has embraced her new responsibilities. She has stepped right into Pam's shoes and is doing a fantastic job. I am impressed with her knowledge and ability to get answers to the latest questions for HR. She keeps ITS updated on the status of HR requests, which is critical to ITS being able to achieve goals.

The role of HR liaison requires the utmost integrity. The details discussed must be treated with confidentiality. Carrie has a very professional approach to her work. we are fortunate to have her on our team!

Charlie Spann

Carrie Stewart

Carrie naturally exhibits behaviors that align with ITS' core values. When she first came on board, she jumped right in to help with any and all tasks, asking questions and offering suggestions along the way. She fit right in and made the role her own. I didn't know until later that one of Carrie's top 5 strengths is Woo, and now that's all I think about as I watch Carrie work and grow into every role she is put into it, no matter how challenging or daunting. Most notably in terms of adaptability has been her transition to ITS HR Liaison. Carrie worked with Pam Thomson for hours each day/week to learn the tricks of the trade and the many nuances involved in the multitude of HR tasks Carrie would be assuming upon Pam's retirement. Many didn't even realize the training was underway and that Carrie slowly began owning some of these tasks well before Pam retired. The transition was ultimately seamless and Carrie maintained her Woo and positive attitude throughout the process, and continues to do so. I am continually impressed by Carrie's ability to juggle so many things at once, and still have the teamwork mentality to offer a helping hand when others are in need. Thank you, Carrie, for being so wonderfully awesome!

Whitney Sublett

Michael Fletcher

Several of the computers in Room 223 of Innovation Hall were not functional and some students were unable to access course information. I sent an email, rather late, to Michael on Saturday evening requesting his assistance to repair the computers in the hopes that they would be ready for class Monday at noon. I apologized for the late notice and stated I understood if it was not possible to complete this by Monday's class. Monday at 10am Michael notified me that he and his team had all the computers in the room checked and working properly, and he gave me the list of computers that would be available to students (due to Covid). The team's proficiency in getting the room repaired on such short notice is gratefully received and I especially appreciate the added information on which computers the students could access and which they could not.
I have always been able to trust Michael's immediate response and assistance when I have had issues or concerns with any of the systems in rooms 222 and 223. He is a responsive and invaluable resource to me, and a benefit to the students.

Kathleen Roberts



Jeff Kling, Eric Potter, Troy Powers, Doug Whetzel, John Clark, Christine Cho, Chris Galvan, Ben Patton, Aref Zahed, Nick Smith, Al Underwood, Masoud Karkenhabadi, Raymund Cabahug, Saied Miremadi & Zane Phipps

This is way overdue. I want to thank Jeff Kling and the AMAZING Team in Classroom and Lab Technologies for everything they have done to assist the ITS Support Center during “these unprecedented times”!!! Their sustained support with Live Chats and Voicemails for nearly a year, has immensely helped us to serve the Mason community. When we returned from winter break, we had an enormous number of requests. Jeff didn’t hesitate, in true team spirit, he assigned extra resources to process the overwhelming number of voicemails. One good thing that came out of 2020, is the wonderful relationship between CaLT and the ITS Support Center!

Teresa Gibbons

William "Brad" Sullivan

After a frantic call from Kevin Gibson, Brad was able to jump online to create 2 MS Teams accounts for new employees on a late Friday afternoon. It was critical as these new hires will be manning the COVID operations on Monday morning. Needing access was imperative to their job and David Farris added a big 'Thank You' at the end of our call.
Super team work!!

Cherie Galantis

Cnristina Crockett

I want to say how much I appreciate Christina Crockett. Before Christina, every holiday break and semester change, I had to remember to send out notifications about changes to the Support Center hours and update multiple things. Now, Christina sends me the reminder well in advance and then makes sure the notifications and updates are done in a timely manner. She is quick to turn ideas into solutions. We were discussing something during a daily Ops meeting. Before the meeting was over, Christina had a mock webpage created. And on top of all that, Christina is always pleasant to work with!

Teresa Gibbons

Tracy Holt

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Tracy Holt for being an awesome certificate manager. Whenever there is a certificate request or renewal, he's always fast and helpful about getting it done. It's a really important role and Tracy does it flawlessly and wanted to let him know that I (and all of Mason) appreciate the work he does. Thank you, Tracy!

Jed Frye

Teresa Gibbons

In the weeks leading up to the holiday break and since getting back, ITS has had a lot of messages that needed to be distributed. It's been chaotic and stressful at times trying to keep everything straight and on time. I wanted to recognize Teresa for all her assistance to get messages out the door. It is much appreciated!

Lauren Reese

Debbie Penny

I am pleased to share that Debbie just called me back and my NetID is now linked. I really appreciate Debbie digging in, working to resolve this issue, and calling me back. Thank you.

Klayton Fennell

I’m glad Debbie was able to get it worked out for you. We are very lucky to have such a professional, kind person as her on our team.

Teresa Gibbons