How do I know if my request is a project?

Requests for a project typically have the following criteria:

  • Deliverables – the effort results in the creation or implementation of a new service (e.g., application, process, technology, etc.), retiring an old service, or adding new functionality to something that already exists
  • Time-Bound – the effort has a start and end date; it is clear when the work is done and the goal achieved
  • Level of Effort – the request requires 80+ hours of dedicated effort from team members – this includes planning, developing, and testing

If your request does not meet the above criteria, it may not be a project and can be solved through an IT service request. More information on Service Requests can be found at Submit a Ticket

How do I know if my request needs to go through the Prioritization Process?

If your request meets the above criteria and constitutes a potential project, some requests will need to go through the Prioritization Process via Ways & Means and the Investment Review Sub-Committee.

The PPMO team will evaluate your request based on criteria, where requests with larger scope and need for new funding may go through Prioritization, and smaller requests with already established funding may go straight to project initiation.

Some of the criteria used to evaluate whether or not the request should go through the Prioritization Process include:

  • Overall Estimated Cost
  • Duration
  • Number of Required Resources (internal or external)
  • Mandate Status
  • Organizational Risk

Additional Questions

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How do I check on the status of my request?
What if I have an urgent request that can’t wait for the next prioritization cycle?
For best results, requests should be submitted as soon as you identify a need and begin thinking about investing in a new tool, application, etc. that involves technology.  As this is not always possible, we accept submissions at all times and they are reviewed at the next available IRSC Meeting at which time, if an exception needs to be made, Ways and Means will be notified and your request processed.