Investment Review Sub-Committee

The IT Investment Review Sub-Committee (IRSC) was established as a result of the implementation of the Investment Review and Prioritization Framework process. This process will be used across the university to centralize intake requests for new projects, efficiently allocate Mason resources, and prioritize new investments, projects, and/or initiatives.

The IRSC will provide the Ways & Means Committee with a cross-university perspective on projects that should be prioritized so that they may make informed, non-biased decisions when determining staff resources and funding allocations for the year.


The Investment Review Sub-Committee (IRSC) is currently comprised of seven (7) individuals representing the following areas: Academic, Research, Business, and Technology.

Area Appointer Appointee Title
Academic Faculty Senate Chair Kumar Mehta Associate Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management, School of Business
Academic Provost Gesele Durham Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Academic Provost Kirk Vandebrooke Assistant Vice President, University Life
Research Vice President of Research & Provost Mike Laskofski Associate Vice President, Research Services
Business Senior Vice President Bill Dracos Vice President, Operations and Business Services, Operations and Business Services/Managing Director, University Business Consulting
Business Senior Vice President Matt Kelly Operations and Initiatives Manager, Office of the Senior Vice President
Technology Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer Charles Spann Assistant VP/Deputy CIO, Enterprise Service Delivery, Information Technology Services


Meeting Cadence

The IRSC meets monthly throughout the year. The review cycle for requests is tied to the annual budget process for Mason. Requests are viewed by the committee at the first meeting after they are submitted. Requests subject to Ways & Means review are bundled and presented during two key cycles throughout the year – fall, before the initial budget submission deadline, and spring, just before final funding decisions are made for the following fiscal year. Within the IRSC cycle, there are multiple types of meetings, each with its own specific purpose:

  • Kick-Off: Members are presented with an overview of all business cases submitted for the current cycle.
  • Reviews: Members gather to review the submitted business cases and discuss any need for additional background on certain requests/business cases. In addition, requestors may be invited to provide a presentation on their submitted business case.
  • Recommendations: Members present the final prioritized list of requests to the Ways & Means committee and discuss where current projects fall within the prioritized list and any adjustments needed based on university needs and strategic goals.
  • Recap: Members review the final prioritized list of requests approved by Ways & Means.
  • Status: Members meet with PPMO to get an updated status on recently prioritized requests and projects from previous prioritized cycles.
  • Flex: Members will meet with PPMO if there is a specific topic or agenda for discussion.

IRSC Charter

IRSC Charter