ITS Solution Request Process

Information Technology Services (ITS) is developing a new Solution Request Process that creates a pathway for university members who want to solve their business need using information technology (IT). This pathway offers clear time frames and communication checkpoints, along with consultation, technology expertise, and support from ITS. The process presupposes that an IT solution will meet the business need, where an IT solution could be an internal business process, a simple software program, or a university-wide application.

The request process draws upon a new service called the ITS Solution Request Service. This service helps you work with university organizations and navigate the policies and procedures required to fulfill your business need. Using its integrated tools and touchpoints, you can streamline the submission and processing of your request in four important ways. These ways offer you (1) Convenience of submission, (2,3) expert Consultation and Collaboration, and (4) Continuity of support during your request lifecycle.

1. Easy Submission

Requestor submits business need to ITS via ITS Support Center or online form. The progress of the request can be tracked using the ITS Service Portal. The Request workflow automatically forwards the request to the dedicated review team.

2. Dedicated Review

A dedicated ITS team reviews the submission received and identifies a member of the team best suited to help shepherd the request through the stages of review and transition to the appropriate department or organization.

3. Value-Added Collaboration

The requestor works with the ITS team to (a) fully frame the business need; (b) identify organizations, policies, and procedures relevant to the request; and (c) establish expectations as they relate to next steps and timeframes.

4. Lifecycle Support

Requestor receives continued expertise, support, and submission tracking tools through the duration of the request process.