Service Summary

Cisco Webex Meeting, available at, is a cloud-based web conferencing tool that may be used for meetings and collaboration allowing participants to share video, audio, and content—all online. Webex Meetings allows you to meet face-to-face using HD video conferencing; share your desktop, documents, or individual applications with everyone in the meeting. It provides collaboration with people within and outside of Mason. 

Getting This Service

To request your host account, click on Webex Support. Please note, it may take up to three business days to process your request.

Getting Started

Please check out the Webex Help Center to help familiarize you with Webex and prepare to host or participate in a Webex session.

As a meeting host, you are responsible for assisting your attendees with their connections and basic troubleshooting.

When running Webex for the first time, an application will be loaded from your web browser to install the required Webex software.

Optional Features

Install the Webex Meetings App, available from Software Center (PC) or Self Service (Mac), for additional integration with Outlook to schedule meetings directly from the Outlook email client. You may also download it from your Webex account under Download.

For information on Webex Accessibility Features is available at


This service is available 24/7, excluding planned outages, normal maintenance windows, and unavoidable events. Maintenance windows are Sundays from 7 to 11 a.m. but may be extended to 2 p.m., if needed. If maintenance is required outside of these hours, it will be announced on the Alerts & Bulletins page.

Webex status updates can be found on WebEx Global Service Status.


Please visit Cisco’s Webex Help Center for information, instructions, and to register for or review recordings of live training sessions. There is no charge for this service.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing.

For interviews, candidates and the committee members must be informed if the interview will be recorded. Written permission from candidates must be obtained prior to recording. HR procedures for recording and the retention of Webex interviews are available within University Policy Number 2224: Recruitment and Hiring of University Employees. It is not the responsibility of ITS, Enterprise Collaboration, or the Webex administrators to be compliant with record retention.

Webex allows for recording sessions. University employees are advised that if recordings include student information (e.g. student images, full names, or grades), this information must be removed before the video may be shared outside of the university. Videos may be shared internally with the university for academic reasons, as long as sensitive information (e.g. student grades) is removed. This is a requirement of FERPA, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), which protects the privacy of student educational records.

Additional Information

Webex Trainings and Webex Events are additional tools within the Webex Meetings environment that are available upon request. These tools are not supported by the ITS Support Center. When requesting access to Webex Trainings or Webex Events, please provide your use case for the service.