Service Summary

Student Technology Assistance & Resource (STAR) Lab is a state-of-the-art multimedia computer and equipment checkout facility that provides the space and resources to complete creative projects. STAR Lab offers Mac and PC stations equipped with specialized video, multimedia, and game design software. This facility also has a variety of video production equipment available for checkout, as well as a video production studio and sound-treated recording room. Student mentors with specialized knowledge of operating systems and applications are on hand to assist with troubleshooting.

Key Features

2023-2024 Academic Year Software Load for the STAR Lab

State-of-the-art computers so you can create, edit, and export photo, video, audio, and game design projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud
(Acrobat, After Effects, Dimension, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Photoshop)

(3DS Max, Maya, Motion Builder)
Media Composer, Pro Tools
DaVinci Resolve Studio 18XX
Final Cut Pro XX
Logic Pro XX
Microsoft EdgeX
Net BeansXX
Unreal 5XX
Visual Studio CodeXX
VLC PlayerXX
Unreal 5XX
Visual Studio CodeXX
VLC PlayerXX

STAR Lab Studio & Sound Room

A small production studio space is available for students, faculty, and staff to complete a wide range of video, still photography, and/or audio projects. The space has two black pull curtains, one green pull curtain, and a full LED lighting grid. Users may bring their own equipment or check out production equipment from STAR Lab. Attached to the STAR Studio is a sound-treated room equipped with a microphone, audio interface, and Studio Mac for most audio production needs with the following software:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Audacity
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • DaVinci Resolve 18
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Logic Pro X

Equipment Checkout

Industry leading video and audio production equipment is available for checkout through STAR Lab. Gear is separated between General and Advanced user levels: General equipment is easier to use, whereas advanced equipment requires more experience and knowledge. In order to use advanced equipment, appropriate experience and knowledge levels must be demonstrated to STAR management. The following tools are available to rent:

Canon T8i Video CameraGeneral
Canon XA 10Video CameraGeneral
Canon XA 40Video CameraGeneral
DJI PocketVideo CameraGeneral
GoPro MaxVideo CameraGeneral
Osmo GimbalVideo CameraGeneral
Shape Shoulder RigsVideo CameraGeneral
BlackMagic Design Cinema 6kVideo CameraAdvanced
Canon C100 mi and mii Video CameraAdvanced
Panasonic GH4Video CameraAdvanced
Sony A7s ii and 4 Video CameraAdvanced
Various camera accessories (Lens kits, Macro Probe Lens, Cine Lenses, tripods, Ninja2, Ninja Flame, Rhino sliders)Video CameraAdvanced
Phone MicrophonesAudio recorders & field mixersGeneral
Microphone kits (Booms; shotgun, handheld, podcast mics, wireless lavs) Audio recorders & field mixersGeneral
Zoom H6 recorder kitsAudio recorders & field mixersGeneral
Various audio accessories (Boom cradles, headphones, windscreen, wireless lav clips, XLR cables)Audio recorders & field mixersGeneral
Rode Microphone BlimpAudio recorders & field mixersAdvanced
Zoom Field MixerAudio recorders & field mixersAdvanced
Sound Devices Mix Pre-10 IIAudio recorders & field mixersAdvanced
LED Light panel kitsLight KitsGeneral
Tungsten light kitsLight KitsGeneral
27" PortastudioLight KitsGeneral
Pull-up PortaScreens (Green, white, black)Light KitsGeneral
Ring LightsLight KitsGeneral
Various lighting Accessories (C47's, B/W or Chroma Pop ups, Blackwrap, light stands, reflectors, reflector holders, silk skrims, solid black flags)Light KitsGeneral
Dracast LED500 KitLight KitsAdvanced
Pro LED PanelsLight KitsAdvanced
Arri 3 light and 4 light kitsLight KitsAdvanced
Q-Lion Flex LED Tube light kitLight KitsAdvanced
Rosco Gel kits: Color correction filter, color effects filter, digital after dark filter, photo lighting filterLight KitsAdvanced

Monitor Hubs

Working on your own laptop? Now you can collaborate with colleagues and peers on a bigger screen in STAR Lab! Four In-Lab ultra-wide monitors are available for connecting your own device to plan and outline multimedia projects.

Lab Space

Whether you're joining a colleague to collaborate or looking to execute your next solo project, open table space is available to checkout.

Getting This Service

  • To reserve a computer, the studio, or equipment, click Reserve Resources and log in with your NetID and Patriot Pass Password.
  • Please bring your university-issued ID as proof of university affiliation.
  • Computer Stations, Monitor Hubs, In-Lab space, studio and sound space are reserved in three-hour time slots, while equipment may be checked out for up to six hours per day by students, staff, and faculty.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be forfeited.
  • Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.


  • All students, faculty, and staff ("Patrons" and "Borrowers") can use the lab and check out basic video production equipment; some specialized equipment may require additional authorizations.
  • Some resources may be only be available to students within specific majors or students who have taken certain classes.
  • While reservations are not required, please be aware that during peak seasons or when time is critical to the completion of your project, you should plan accordingly by reserving the equipment or the computer station you need.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing.

  • Patrons must follow all University policies. Violations of University policies will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and may prohibit future use of the lab and its resources.
  • No food or unsealed drinks are allowed at the workstations.
  • Patrons must always keep on shoes while in the lab.
  • Computers are available for educational purposes. With this in mind, we reserve the right to ask guests to leave or restrict access if we feel their usage of the computer is not appropriate.
  • Patrons may not save files to desktop workspace. The computers will be routinely wiped to maintain optimum function.
  • Patrons are prohibited from installing software on computers.
  • Non-Mason affiliated persons are not permitted to use STAR Lab resources. If a Patron must bring a guest, the guest needs to sign in to the front desk, provide proof of identity (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.), may not utilize the computers or equipment, and must follow all policies. STAR staff may at any time eject the guest and/or accompanying patron at any time.
  • STAR Staff reserves the right to limit or change patrons' access to STAR Lab resources if there are recurring issues.
General Policies
  • Classes may not be conducted in STAR Lab.
  • Honor Code: STAR Lab Mentors troubleshoot specific equipment or software issues, but cannot teach how to use equipment or software. If a Mentor demonstrates the solution to a problem, they must "undo" their actions so the Patron completes the work entirely themself. (i.e. changing audio inputs on a camera or switching hardware outputs in Premiere, etc.)
  • Fair Usage Policy: Only 2 allocations per person per checkout center at any one time. An allocation is defined as either a checkout or a reservation; a checkout center is classified by our Web checkout system ("In-Lab" or "Equipment" checkout centers). In-Lab resources include the computers, studio, sound room, and other resources that do not leave the lab; Equipment resources include all audio, video, lighting, and miscellaneous equipment that may leave the lab. Multiple pieces of different equipment types may be reserved or checked out at one time. (i.e. Cannot check out more than one T8i Camera at one time).
In-lab Resources
  • In-lab resources may be checked out for up to 3 hours at a time.
Equipment Checkout
  • Equipment may be checked out for 6 hours at a time.
  • During regular semester hours, if equipment is checked out after 4 PM it must be returned within an hour of opening the next day.
  • Weekend checkouts are permitted only after 4 p.m. on Fridays and must be returned the following Monday by 12:30 PM.
  • While STAR staff tests equipment functionality prior to checkout, patrons are encouraged to inspect the gear they are checking out before signing for the equipment. If there are any issues with the equipment prior to leaving the lab, those must be noted on the checkout form, or a suitable replacement found. If an issue is discovered during an active checkout, promptly notify STAR Staff by calling 703-993-2056 or emailing
  • Extensions need to be approved by a supervisor or manager prior to when equipment is due back. They will be granted on a case-by-case basis, no more than once per checkout. Checkouts cannot be extended once they are late.
  • For all returns involving SD cards or other media storage, STAR Staff reserve the right to delete the files upon checkout or return. While STAR Staff reserve this right, be mindful that other patrons using the equipment may have access to any footage remaining on the equipment. Make sure to offload your footage or other media prior to returning as there is no guarantee the footage will either stay on or be deleted from the camera.
  • There is no charge for equipment checkout or computer usage unless the late, damaged, or cleaning fees apply.
  • Borrowers accept responsibility for the safe, timely, and undamaged return of the equipment they have checked out. They will also be responsible for the replacement and/or repair of damaged equipment.
  • Borrowers will be charged a late fee of $5/hour for delinquent equipment and an additional $5 for each instance the equipment has been kept overnight without prior authorization. Unpaid fines will result in a hold on the borrower's academic records and/or university account. Account holds preclude students from registering for classes or graduating.
  • Borrowers will be charged a damaged equipment fee for equipment misuse or abuse resulting in significant damage beyond normal wear and tear, which may be discovered upon return or thereafter. Unpaid fines will result in a hold on the borrower's academic records and/or university account. Account holds preclude students from registering for classes or graduating.
  • Borrowers will be charged a $10 cleaning fee each instance equipment is returned unmanageable (including but not limited to knotted cables, tape on equipment, soiled carrying bags). Unpaid fines will result in a hold on the borrower's academic records and/or university account. Account holds preclude students from registering for classes or graduating.
  • Failure to return equipment may result in action by the Dean of Students or the University Police. Borrowers will be responsible for any legal fees and costs associated with such action.