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Autodesk builds software that helps people imagine, design, and make a better world. The Autodesk Education License Products is a library of over 100 applications to help you create.
This Application Software entry is specifically for the Autodesk Education plan granted to Mason for use in classrooms and labs.

License Information

Current Version

Varies by application

License Type

Free educational license

License Effective Dates

One-year educational license which starts on date of application install. This will vary by product.

Products Included

A list of all available applications can be found here,, in the “Free education license products” section.

Terms of Use

Faculty, Staff, and Student use is permitted on university-owned computers only.

Getting This Service

How to Access

This title is available for Mason-managed devices in Software Center (Windows).

If you would like to request installation of an Autodesk title on a classroom lectern, student classroom computer, or open computer lab, a software request, you may submit a Classroom Software Installation request.

Student Home Use

If current students wish to utilize Autodesk products on their personal devices, they may apply for a Student Autodesk Education plan. This is separate from the Autodesk Education plan afforded to Mason for use in classrooms and labs.

Eligibility for this plan is determined by Autodesk. Access to this plan and your Autodesk account are expected to cease when students leave Mason.


Getting Help

While approved for use, there is no ITS support for the application. Please contact the vendor directly for support.

Support Level

Level 3