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Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more.

License Information

Current Version

Varies by application

License Type

Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA, Enterprise License), or VIP License

License Effective Dates

Enterprise Licenses: 06/01/2023 through 05/31/2026

VIP Licenses: prorated to the anniversary date of 7/1/2024

Products Included

Terms of Use

Active Mason Faculty and Staff (defined as faculty, adjunct faculty, classified staff, non-student wage employees, and student wage employees) will have the right to install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on up to two computers for their exclusive use, which must be solely used for the benefit of George Mason University. These licenses are not to be used for classwork. Emeritus faculty and Mason retirees are not eligible under the terms of the ETLA. Use outside of North America is prohibited.

Access to your Enterprise license account is tied to your employment with Mason. If you leave Mason, you lose access to your account and its assets. Student wage employees who have previously been provisioned licenses but no longer have active employee assignments will have their licenses removed without notice. ITS will perform these removals after the fall and spring semesters. If you regain a student wage assignment, please submit a new Request Adobe Software form.

While access to Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps is included in this ETLA, ITS does not currently provide support and installs count as one install.

Getting This Service

How to Access

Faculty & Staff

For active Faculty and Staff (defined as faculty, adjunct faculty, classified staff, non-student wage employees, and student wage employees) to receive Adobe Creative Cloud access, the Adobe Software Request Form must be submitted. Providing an org code is required to request Adobe Creative Cloud. This org code is used for inventory and not charging purposes.

Once ITS approves and processes your request, you will receive an email from Adobe with instructions on how to set up your Adobe account.

If you encounter any issues, please contact your departmental IT provider or the ITS Support Center to assist you with completing your download.

If you believe you or the user you are requesting to receive Adobe software already has a subscription, the Adobe Creative Cloud Installer link below may be used to re-install the software. Users MUST already have and be signed into an Enterprise (Federated ID) account in order for the link to work. When clicking on this link, you may be asked to select Personal or Company/School account. Please select Company/School.

Adobe Creative Cloud Installer:


We do not have any Enterprise Adobe Creative Cloud licenses available for students. However, Adobe Creative Cloud can be found in many computer labs available for student use. Students may purchase Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions for personal use with student discounts directly from Adobe. Details for student pricing can be found on Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Students page.

Eligibility for student pricing requires proof. If a student provides a school-issued email address during the purchase, they are instantly verified. If they do not have a school-issued email address or their email address cannot be verified, additional proof of eligibility may be requested after purchase. Additional proof of eligibility may include a school ID card, report card, transcript, or tuition bill issued by the institution with the student’s name, institution name, and current date.

Adobe software in approved lab environments

  • Adobe Creative Cloud may be used in lab environments
  • Adobe Lightroom is not available in lab environments but Adobe Lightroom Express is
  • At the time of the request, please be able to provide the serial number of the machine if going on a Mac or computer hostname if going on a PC


Adobe VIP (Value Incentive Plan) licenses are for users in the Mason community outside of the defined active Faculty and Staff. This includes but is not limited to emeritus faculty, retirees, no-pay affiliates, and computer stations being used by more than one user and are not considered computer lab stations. Additionally, Adobe Stock is only available through VIP licensing at this time.


All Mason-related work with VIP licenses should be performed/stored under the user’s Business Profile. This Business Profiles is named “George Mason University” and is selected when signing into an Adobe account. See Adobe Profiles and transferring assets between Personal and Business Profiles for more information.

SHI is Mason’s reseller for Adobe products. If you require a VIP license, please reach out to to request a quote for the products you need under Mason’s VIP Agreement. Once you have the quote and want to move forward with a purchase, please enter a Purchase Requisition (PR) into eVA directly to SHI to pay for the items with departmental funds. You must reference VASCUPP contract UVA-AGR-IT-00168-SHI and VIP Agreement 165658CE397A14D2892A on this Purchase Requisition.

After the Purchase Order is created, please click the orange Request Adobe Software button on the right side of this page to request the software through the form provided. You will not receive your license until this form is completed. In this form, please be sure to check the VIP box under Request Type and provide your Purchase Order information so ITS can tie your order to the license. In the description box, please fill in the full nameNetID, and email address of the intended user of the software. The email address entered will be where the license is deployed to and that user will receive installation steps.

Note: To access the VIP license, the user must have an active Adobe ID. This setup must be done by the user. This Adobe ID must use an email address. If you would like this tied to a departmental email address instead, please provide that as the email address.

Please contact Alex Galantis ( if you need assistance with this process or form.

Adobe licenses purchased through our VIP Agreement with SHI follow the following prorated timeline below with an expiration date of July 1, 2024.

SHI Quote Dated BetweenTerm of LicenseLicense ExpirationCost
06/01/2023 – 07/01/202312 months7/1/202412/12 of Full Cost
07/02/2023 – 08/01/202311 months7/1/202411/12 of Full Cost
08/02/2023 – 09/01/202310 months7/1/202410/12 of Full Cost
09/02/2023 – 10/01/20239 months7/1/20249/12 of Full Cost
10/02/2023 – 11/01/20238 months7/1/20248/12 of Full Cost
11/02/2023 – 12/01/20237 months7/1/20247/12 of Full Cost
12/02/2023 – 01/01/20246 months7/1/20246/12 of Full Cost
01/02/2024 – 02/01/20245 months7/1/20245/12 of Full Cost
02/02/2024 – 03/01/20244 months7/1/20244/12 of Full Cost
03/02/2024 – 04/01/20243 months7/1/20243/12 of Full Cost
04/02/2024 – 05/01/20242 months7/1/20242/12 of Full Cost
05/02/2024 – 06/01/20241 month7/1/20241/12 of Full Cost


Getting Help
ITS staff may assist with installation instructions and may refer users to self-support sites, Mason instructors, vendors, or department support when known. Please contact the ITS Support Center for assistance.
Support Level

Level 2

Additional Information

File Backup

It is advised that users should back up their Adobe assets regularly, including any assets saved in Adobe Cloud storage. It is the responsibility of the user to back up/migrate their Creative Cloud assets before they separate from Mason.