Service Summary

The IT Security Office (ITSO) will assist faculty, staff, students, and alumni with containment, mitigation, and remediation of IT security incidents caused by:

  • an attempted or actual unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or destruction of information
  • interference with information technology operation
  • a violation of campus policy, laws, or regulations

An IT security incident is considered serious if the entire Mason campus is impacted by one or more of the following:

  • Active threats
  • Potential unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information
  • Serious legal consequences
  • Severe disruption to critical services
  • Widespread and likely to raise public interest

You may have an IT security incident if:

  • the internet or your computer is unusually slow
  • there are signs of obvious tampering with your computer and/or devices
  • you are locked out of your user accounts
  • or, your computer and/or devices were lost or stolen

If a compromised system contains sensitive data:

  • Immediately report the incident
  • Do not attempt to investigate or remediate the compromise yourself
  • Do not power down the machine
  • Instruct any users to stop work on the system immediately
  • Remove the system from the network by unplugging the network cable or disconnecting it from the wireless network

Getting This Service

Click on Report an IT Incident to immediately report any IT security incidents, including but not limited to:

  • Computer system intrusion
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Inappropriate use of computers and Mason networks
  • Interference with the intended use of IT resources and/or compromised user accounts
  • Unauthorized access to, or use of, systems, software, or data
  • Unauthorized changes to systems, software, or data

**If the IT security incident poses any immediate danger to you or the Mason community, contact Mason Police immediately at 703-993-2810 or call 911.**

You will need to provide as much information as possible, including your name, department, email address, phone number, description of IT security issue, date and time when it was first noticed, and any other known resources affected. Please include specific details that indicate a system breach, vulnerability, or compromise of your computer.

If you need assistance or have questions or concerns, please email the IT Security Office at or call at 703-993-2906.


A request for this can be made 24/7, excluding unavoidable events. Responses to requests may take up to three business days based on risk.

Additional Information

Misuse of Mason Assets:  Communication for commercial or political marketing purposes, email spam, and/or copyright infringement allegations are considered violations. If the misuse originated from a Mason email address, network connection, or is hosted on a Mason website, email