Service Summary

Canon Follow Me Print Pay-for-Print (PFP)

Mason has partnered with Canon to provide solutions for all your printing needs. Self-printing can be accomplished through the Pay-for-Print (PFP) network across all three campuses. The PFP network is accessible from Mason-owned computers or your own device.


You can print to ANY of the PFP printers on ANY campus. With Canon's Follow Me Print system, you will only see your print jobs in your secure queue, which will stay in your queue for 24 hours. Most PFP devices can print in color; however, device defaults have been set to black & white print and Duplex/2-sided to reduce cost and promote sustainability. When you release your job, these defaults can be changed via your print dialog box.

To send and retrieve print jobs, you need to install the Pharos software (drivers) and have a Mason photo ID. Mason employees will need to have a Mason photo ID that is associated with a department org number.


The cost of printing for Mason students and guests is $0.10 for black & white and $0.25 for color. The PFP devices accept Mason Money, which can be deposited on your Mason ID or a copy card purchased from kiosks around campus. Please visit the Print Hub for more information if you need custom printing.

Wireless Printing

Laptop users can send print jobs to the Pay-for-Print wireless network after the Pharos software is installed. The Follow Me Print system is available at the Fairfax Campus, Science and Technology Campus, and Mason Square.

Department-Registered Printer Access

Faculty and staff may special register a departmental printer to be accessible from any network. This allows faculty and staff to print to their department-registered printer whether they are on the VPN or wired or wireless networks.

Student Printer Access

Students are able to get a similar type of service by registering their personal printers at Please see the Device Registration for Network Access for details.

Key Features

Canon Follow Me Print Pay-for-Print (PFP)

  • The Follow Me Print system allows you to print from any device or computer to any Canon Pay-for-Print printer
  • Print jobs are held in queue for 24 hours
  • Accepts Mason Money

Getting This Service

Personal Computers (Students, Faculty & Staff)

Instructions on how to get this service for your personal computer are available at

Mason-owned & Mason-managed Computers (Faculty & Staff)

Print drivers are available in Mason Self Service for Mac computers or Software Center for Windows computers. If you are a Mason employee and would like the following services, submit a request to:

Managing Department Org Codes & NetID

To add or remove org codes to or from a NetID, visit and complete the online ticket form. There is no charge for getting this service; however, there is a per page charge for printing.