Service Summary

The Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO) will assist customers in the capture and creation of new IT Project requests. This is the initial intake process when identifying a project that requires ITS resources. Through this request, a member of the PPMO will reach out to the requestor and perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct consultation with the requestor to capture information and needs for the request
  2. Create an initial request in the ITS Project Inventory and visible via the Projects Dashboard
  3. Complete the Prioritization Criteria Worksheet (PCW) for the request. The PCW is the initial project request documentation used to capture details about the request and compare requests from all sources. Additional detail is available on Portfolio and Project Management Templates
  4. Complete the updated Project Inventory record and submit the request for governance review and project scheduling and initiation.

Getting This Service

This service is available to all Mason departments and is intended for use when requesting Information Technology (IT) projects of record for Mason. Complete the form via the Request This Service button.


This service is available during regular business hours and will typically be completed within two weeks of the initial request. If it is determined that an alternate ITS process is needed based on the scope of the request – either smaller or larger – the PPMO will coordinate the effort to the new process to minimize impact on the customer’s needs and timeline.


Details on the Project Management Lifecycle are available. For assistance with general project management issues, email