Service Summary

MyMason provides access to Blackboard courses and organizations. Organizations is a unique feature of myMason that allows any and all groups—from the smallest club at Mason to the largest—to stay informed and receive information specific to their organization. You can search through the organizations that exist and select those from which you would like to receive information. You can also request your own Organization and publish content to your members. (Note: Student organizations need to be recognized by the university.)

Additionally, users with a faculty and/or student role will see the Courses and Content tabs. Access to these tabs is for faculty and students enrolled in courses through Patriot Web.

Users also have links to email (, and Patriot Web.

Getting This Service

This service is available to all Mason faculty, staff, and students. Visit or click on Log In to myMason on this page.


All users of the George Mason University network must adhere to University Policy Number 1301: Responsible Use of Computing.

Additional Information

Join the Blackboard & Instructional Technologies Collective

The Blackboard & Instructional Technologies Collective is a team for Mason's faculty and staff instructional technology users to communicate with their peers and discuss new features, best practices, and other topics of interest pertaining to the following ITS-supported tools: Blackboard, Kaltura, Poll Everywhere. This is not intended to replace submitting an issue via the ITS Support Center. The collective is moderated by members of the Mason community and ITS.

Submit an ITS support request if:

  • It is something that requires an urgent/timely ITS response
  • You are requesting information or troubleshooting assistance

Post in one of the channels if:

  • You would like to share a use case or feature you’ve found helpful
  • You would like to test out a new feature with your peers
  • You would like to know how your peers are using the tools

To become a member of the Blackboard & Instructional Technologies Collective, go to