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Service Category: Network Consultation



Certificate Request

SSL certificates are used to secure communications between a website, host, or server, and end users that are connecting to that server.

Data Jack Assessment and Activation

Mason provides access to its network and telephone service via data jacks that are located in the walls of rooms and offices in university buildings.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

Internet resources such as websites, servers, and printers are assigned domain names for identification purposes.

IP Address Management (IPAM) Accounts

IP Address Management (IPAM) accounts on the IPAM system are available for users that control a large number of machines or make a lot of DNS updates.

Pre-Construction Marking of Communication Lines

Before construction begins, ITS must survey construction sites and mark communication lines in order to protect critical communication circuits and infrastructure pathways from drilling or excavation damage.

Special Network Service Requests

ITS can facilitate the acquisition and operation of dedicated network infrastructure components for research and other projects that require special network service.