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Service Category: Hosting Services



Colocation Service: ITS Aquia Data Center

The state-of-the-art Aquia Data Center offers both physical and virtual server colocation services within a secure operating environment dedicated to system availability and uptime.

Colocation Service: Virtual Servers

The Colocated VMware Virtual Infrastructure was developed to provide a highly available, redundant, structured, and secure clustered virtual environment to host departmental virtual servers throughout Mason.

Hosted Linux Systems

ITS provides hosting of departmental Linux servers and applications. Server

All registered students, faculty, staff, and authorized guests are eligible for mason.

PBworks Wiki

PBworks Wiki is a Mason-sponsored, commercially hosted service based on a campus edition license arrangement with PBworks.

Server Hosted Software: Windows

ITS can host specific Windows-based software for university departments and works with them to select the appropriate configuration based on software or vendor requirements and the customers' business needs.

Web Hosting

Web hosting allows for publishing websites.

WordPress Course Blogs

Course Blogs is powered by WordPress, a web-publishing platform that enables site builders to set up a web presence quickly and easily.