Service Summary

Residence halls are provided with on-campus basic cable by our cable television provider, Apogee, which offers on-campus residents more than 100 channels of coax feed digital TV. Residents can also watch their favorite shows and sports on a variety of devices by downloading the Stream2 app.

University Townhouses on Chain Bridge Road and the Residence Hall at Smithsonian Mason Conservation Center in Front Royal only have access to the Stream2 app.

A closed-circuit cable television system is provided on campus for programming by Mason departments for entertainment and informational purposes.

Access is limited to students living in the residence halls and to departments in university buildings on the Fairfax Campus.

Key Features

Getting This Service

  • Cable television access is automatically provided to each residence hall room and common areas
  • University Townhouse residents should contact Cox Cable to arrange for premium services

Stream2 App

IPTV’s service Stream2 is available for on-campus residents. With Stream2, you can watch your favorite shows and sports on several of your devices, including your laptop, Smart TV (via Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV), and mobile device. You can also save up to 20 hours of recordings with the included DVR feature.

Download the Stream2 app from the Apple App or Google Play stores or directly at This service also comes with the Campus Life Channel, a collection of student-and faculty-created content and social media to keep you informed about campus happenings. Download instructions can be found at

Note: services could change at any time without notice.


All users of George Mason University cable television services must adhere to University Policy Number 1106: On-Campus Cable Television Channel Allocation and Operation.