Your device has been cracked and infected. Your entire data was copied to external server. Read the manual inside now!

From: Nixon <facturacion[AT]sidesoftcorp[DOT]com>
Subject: Your device has been cracked and infected. Your entire data was copied to external server. Read the manual inside now!

Hi There.

This is the final notification.

I broke into your system thru the Wireless router you were connecting to.

Some time ago, I gotten to the machines that you previously used to get on-line.

All of the info out of your devices was quickly duplicated to my machines.

I get access to all your mobile messengers, social networking sites, emails, chats, & contact-list.

My malware repeatedly upgrades its signatures (driver based), so it stays invisible to anti-malware tools.
I assume right now you understand, the reason why I stayed quite right until this current day

Whilst gathering infos about yourself, I found you’re a huge fan of adult sites and even more.
You really prefer to go to porn websites & view filthy videos while getting an ejaculation.

I have already created a webcam shooting videos of you jacking off.
The editing of the clip you’re seeing right at that moment & your self pleasure.
Your own facial expression is clearly seeable. I do not believe this type of content would be really good for your reputation.

I can now direct this footage out to everybody who know who you are.

I additionally have no problem with making all of your discreet data public on the Internet.
I think you know exactly what i am talking about.

It may be an absolute frustration for you.

I’ll ruin your life permanently.

I really feel you really do not need that to occur.

Let us solve it in this manner: you send me 1400 $ (dollars) via Bitcoin equivalent at the time of exchange), & i’ll right away erase all your data from my servers.
After that, we’ll forget about one another.

My btc payment address for transfering: bc1qaukfmx70tunhtew67am2kz6n9fwrth7kvz3s8p

If you do not understand how to transmit cash & what exactly Bitcoin is. Simply just type in the google search engine “Buy Bitcoin”.

I give you 3 working days to send the money.
The time started monitoring instantly once you opened this email.
I’ll receive a message the minute this email is exposed.

Don’t aim to seek out help, as the wallet can not be monitored, email the letter is originating from & cannot be traced either & generated digitally, therefore there’s no point in texting me.
Do not try to get in touch with the law enforcement and some other security solutions, & if you choose to, your personal info will be published.

Switching passwords online in social networking sites, email, and gadgets isn’t going to help you, as all the data has already been downloaded to my hosting space.

Good-luck & don’t do something silly. Give thought to your foreseeable future.