VRS Pension, Retirement Savings & Life Ins Reviews

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Subject: VRS Pension, Retirement Savings & Life Ins Reviews

George Mason University
Employee Retirement Planning

Hello Encarnita, you are cordially invited to attend a specialized
consultation designed to help you fully understand:

Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Pension Plans
(Plan 1, Plan 2, Hybrid & ORP 1 & 2)
Optional Retirement Plans Offered to Higher Education
Options For Creating Pension Income From Fidelity & TIAA
403b / 457b Savings Programs and Benefits
Tax Savings Options
Life Insurance Provided By Employer

Learn more about all of the pieces of your retirement plan at no cost to GMU Employees.
Financial Professionals with Approved Carriers in State of Virginia and Educational System will be assigned to assist and answer your questions via Zoom Meetings or Phone Call to keep everyone safe!

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