Vocabulary Richness in English Poetry

From: Ioan-Iovitz Popescu <iovitzu[AT]gmail[DOT]com>
Subject: Vocabulary Richness in English Poetry

“Le style, c’est l’homme même.”
Buffon, le 25 Août 1753

Dear Colleagues
From The George Mason University,
Modern and Classical Languages,

Linguistics is always good. Here is a stylometric tool to process ranked frequencies: Altmann Quantitative Linguistics Analyzer [*link removed*].

This is aimed for easy calculation of quantitative linguistics indicators of a given piece of text. The used formulas are given in the publications of Gabriel Altmann and Ioan-Iovitz Popescu.

An application of this program to the vocabulary richness in linguistics, you will find at Vocabulary Richness in English Poetry – The Lambda Indicator and Beyond [*link removed*]

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iipopescu [*link removed*]
PS. I take this happy opportunity to extend cordial greetings to the Professor and Director of the Learning Agents Center, Computer Science College of Engineering and Computing of George Mason University.