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It is on the topic of our recent conversation. Here is an update I did yesterday, take a look:
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Information Technology Services (ITS) is warning George Mason University students not to respond to unsolicited job offers sent to their student email accounts.
In the past several weeks, MasonLive accounts have received fake job offers for pet sitters and personal assistants. The phony job offers target college students with the promise of a high weekly paycheck for minimum work. In some cases, students were requested to reply with their personal email accounts.
Those who apply for the position are asked for their personal information, including an alternate email address. Using the alternate email address, the criminal instructs students to purchase supplies and to send their banking information. The criminal claims the banking information will be used to reimburse students and pay them. Instead, the banking information is used to steal money from bank accounts.
Be wary of any job opportunities that are too good to be true. Also, if you hear a friend or student discussing opportunities such as these, warn them about the potential danger.
If you received any emails like the above and replied with your personal information or account credentials, you should:
  *   Immediately reset the passwords for any accounts (Mason or non-Mason) you used to respond or shared credentials.
  *   Run a virus scan on the device you were using at the time you responded.
You may also report suspicious/phishing emails by:
  *   Forwarding the emails as an attachment to the ITS Support Center at<>.
  *   Forwarding the email as an attachment to Microsoft directly to<>
You may also check for previously reported phishing emails by visiting the ITS website at:
If you have additional questions, please contact the ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or<>