Update regarding your recent activation

From: Norton ST Unit <no email address listed>
Subject: Update regarding your recent activation

Dear customer,
Thank you for being a loyal customer of our antivirus subscription. Your plan validity is going to terminate in December, as you have opted for auto-renewal, we will auto-update your subscription.
Cust Id Package Activation Price
93560-055 Norton Plus Processed $ 349.99
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• It does an excellent job of capturing, quarantining, and removing malware that is wreaking havoc in your system.
• You can run a full or quick scan of this version whenever needed, and it will create a report on your system.
• The top version gives 24/7 monitoring, protects vulnerabilities from exploits until the software is patched, blocks ransomware, and shields against infected websites.
• The premium version is full-fledged antivirus software, unlike the version. The version runs on-demand, scanning for and removing malware, but should always be used in tandem with more comprehensive antivirus software.

If you want to cancel your subscription or have any questions then contact us at +1-(888) 206-7134.
Analyzes information arriving from a network (like the Internet) and helps block potential online threats before they hit your computer.
Scans and helps identefy malware files that enter a device, using emulation to test and see what files do, and machine learning.
Uses the reputation information gathered from our global network to classify software application files on their attributes.
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