Top Shelf Academy

From: Mason student's name <Masonstudentsname[AT]masonlive[DOT]gmu[DOT]edu>
Subject: Top Shelf Academy


Good Morning,†

My name is [Mason student’s name removed], and I am a Senior at George Mason University. I am reaching out with an opportunity that might be interesting. I am†a business development intern at 3E management, LLC. A real estate private equity. And consulting firm.††

One of 3E’s- subsidiary companies, Top Shelf Academy offers certification courses in the real estate finance field. These courses enhance the knowledge students learn in the classroom. And, upon completion of the course, you can add the Certification to your resume, and LinkedIn can be super helpful for jobs.††

You can view our website Top shelf Academy†here!†And 3E Management†here!†

We got four options. We have a level 1 certification for $99.98 and a level 2 Certification for $149.98. And a bundle for both level 1 and level 2 for $199.98. We just launched a new certification which is a Real Estate Multifamily Development for $149.98. This one is not with the bundle.††

You can also have a Free Preview of the certifications if you feel intrigued or wanting to see the logistics. The Certifications consist of descriptions, graphics, short videos, quizzes, and a certification exam at the end, etc. You can go at your own pace.†Please, use my referral code at checkout which, is jt†

If you use my referral code, you will get a 20% off discount!†

On the off chance that anyone has questions, please, don’t hesitate to email me at†[*student’s name removed*][AT]†

Be that as it may, don’t respond to this email. Regardless, send a separate one.†If some other individual you know is intrigued, don’t hesitate to reach out and get the message out! The more, the merrier. The Certification can be – taken by anyone interested in finance/business or general interest.†

Good luck with any summer classes, work/internships, and I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer. Try out the course, I think it worth it and can really help you land an internship/job, etc. Like how CompTIA helps students in the computer/engineering field! ??




Kind Regards,†
[Mason student’s name removed]†
Information Technology††
Class of 2022††