From: Mohamed Adams Abu <abumohamedadams1[AT]hotmail[DOT]com>

Atten: Sir/Madam,

There is an order to supply these below for Hospital Use with the following Target Prices. If you can supply them with good quality, reply so that I will give you the full Supply Terms, quantities and specifications details.

(1) Hospital Towels-Target Price-$7:75+_ Per Piece.
(2) T-Shirt (Round Neck)Target Price-$9:95+_ Per Piece
(3) Disposable Non-Woven 3ply Face Mask.-Target Price: $1:95 per piece
(a) Sterile Hypodermic Syringes for Single Use-Target Price: $1.20 Each.
(b) Urine Bag (Adult)= Target Price: $1.25 Each.
(c) Examination Latex Gloves (Non-Sterile)-Target Price: $1,10 Each
(d) Blood Pressure Kit (Manual):-Target Price: 80:00 Each
(4) Hearing Aids-Target Price-$70:00 Per Piece
(5) Test Tube=Target Price-$3:00 Per Piece
(6) Surgical Stick-Target Price-$96:00 Per Piece
(7) Blood Sugar Test Machine-Target Price-$80:00 Per Piece
(8) Yellow Maize-Target Price: $497.00 Per Ton
(9) Long Grain White Rice-Target Price: $825.00 Per Ton
(10) Wheat Grains Moisture: 14% max-Target Price: $600.00 Per Ton
(11) Soya Bean Oil-Target Price-$8_ Per Piece.

Their Payment terms is 80% Advance supply payment to start productions, while 20% balance will be paid when the products are ready and before shipment. Reply For Full Details and Specifications

Thank You
Mr.Samuel Okpo
Accredited Agent.†
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