From: Frank Anderson <jms[AT]vodafone[DOT]com[DOT]gh>
Subject: Reply

Attention Potential Beneficiary,

I am Mr. Frank Anderson, Remittance Department Manager, and personal account manager to a deceased Customer who both of you bears same surname; He died with his known family without a trace of other relation/s or beneficiary. Hence, no one appeared to claim his fund ($18.4M) deposited in our Bank (Bank Negara, Indonesia).

The bank has then given a mandate to avail beneficiary to the deposit or the implementation of Indonesia banking policy which stipulates that after five (5) years of a client’s death with no beneficiary/ next-of-kin stepping forward to lay claim appropriately, the deposit will be released and declared unclaimed, certain percentage of the fund will go to the national Treasury while the rest will be taken over by the bank. The deadline expires in three (3) months before the bank takes action; meanwhile, the search through the notary register of his country yielded no result. And having researched further, you bear same last name with the deceased person, so I consult to present you to the Bank as his only relative and next of kin. We will share the $18.4M at 50/50 which is 50% for you and 50% for me as soon as the Bank releases and transfers the fund to you.

When you have fully considered this consultation as feasible, send me below info:

Full Name:

Full Address:

Telephone/ Cell Phone No:


Further details, terms, and conditions shall be clarified upon your response. I await your careful response.

Frank Anderson