RE: Fang JIN and church business

From: Akilah Elham <akilaham308[AT]gmail[DOT]com>
Subject: RE: Fang JIN and church business


Regarding Fang JIN – your Assistant Professor, do you think her career goal is to climb the academic ladder and become a full professor? Do you think she understands what she’s teaching about??

Fang’s child is a synthesis with a retired guy from Freddie Mac – who is also a church Leader in Virginia. You may wonder, but Fang is not beautiful? Doesn’t matter, She is Strong!! The Church needs strong women more than cute-look.

Fang’s official husband – “Saint Pan” (潘圣人), runs lucrative services in VA church community (BUT for profit) like childcare, bady-sitting, driving, plumbing, moving, private kitchen, second-hand furniture, for all-cash since 2012 on student visa. “Saint Pan” purposely opted out his PhD degree from Virginia Tech because the family does NOT WANT to be bind by another W2 job to BUY A BIG HOUSE. Fang loves to see housing prices crashing.

The family’s net income in 2021 should have exceeded $600,000 and MOST were contributed by Saint Pan’s private service of all-kind, NOT Fang’s W2 and barely 6-digit from GWU. The family just needs GWU for a work visa.

Fang’s eventual goal is to migrate her thousands, if not millions of fellow “Saints” from Henan Province (河南) to found a new church and centralize ALL the church business in DMV area. Beat the Maryland Church!!

GWU, please ask Fang and Saint Pan to be minimum ethical and buy a bigger house that matches their position being a church master and income SCALE.

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