Pharmaceutical Research (2022) – doi: 10.1007/s11095-022-03169-2

From: Anonymous PubPeer user <pubpeer[UNDERSCORE]anon[AT]protonmail[DOT]com>
Subject: Pharmaceutical Research (2022) - doi: 10.1007/s11095-022-03169-2

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If these concerns are validated, as I believe they will be, the journal and editors may wish to review the peer review and editorial process as these issues should probably have been identified prior to publication.

I wanted to bring to your attention to a discussion thread — regarding a paper authored by researchers who may be with your institution (or were formerly), or published in your journal, or funded by your organization — on PubPeer (a post publication journal discussion club). The researchers may have been notified by the PubPeer system but have not yet adequately addressed the issues raised. Importantly, these issues may not be signs of misconduct and a clarification by the authors may address the concerns.

I am sending this to multiple parties that appear to be affiliated with this journal and/or institution as it wasn’t made clear on your website to whom concerns of this type should be raised. On occasion I send notes of this type via blind copy to third parties who may potentially be interested.

In identifying this concern, I was aided by ImageTwin, an image integrity analytical tool.

I have no affiliation with PubPeer, nor any of the institutions or individuals involved. I am only an anonymous commenter on the PubPeer site.

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