NEW Requirements Tracking Covid Vaccinations

From: Johnson Jennifer K. <JohnsonJK[AT]mukilteo[DOT]wednet[DOT]edu>
Subject: NEW Requirements Tracking Covid Vaccinations

Good morning all—We are learning of new and strict requirements from the County with regards to tracking Covid vaccinations.  All employees are Required to complete the Covid Vaccinations form and return it to HR as soon as possible . This is a Mandatory Requirement to complete the linked form below regarding your vaccination status.  This County requirement could carry significant fines should you fail to respond.  It is mandatory that you complete this form by the end of today.


Here is the form:  Certification-Vaccination-Status-Form.pdf


For those employees who are not vaccinated, we must get updates from them every two weeks (completing the above form every two weeks and submitting it to HR.


Please complete it right away and drop it off in HR.


Please have each of your employees complete and sign the form above.  Once all of those on your team have completed it, please send all forms over to HR, so we can hold the records and track employees based on this County order.


Thanks so much.  Also, feel free to forward to anyone I may have missed on the list above.