NEW [6] Pending Messages – Delivery Process Failed 1

From: Mail Delivery System <geoff[AT]seabreezebarmouth[DOT]co[DOT]uk >
Subject: NEW [6] Pending Messages - Delivery Process Failed 1

Message generated from server.


Dear [Recipient’s NetID],

Your account associated with your [recipient’s NetID] has been limited
Reason: Messages – Delivery Process Failed .

What happens when new messages are inaccessible?
Once a new message is limited, it will be inaccessible—users will not be able to receive new messages.
Want to keep the account and receive new messages? Release Pending Message To Inbox
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No longer want the new messages on this account?
If the message is no longer needed, no further action is necessary.We’ll take care of deleting the messages in 1 day and deleting the data 90 days later. email support