Mr. Ted Chu (“friend” of Kaushik Basu) and their trick of success

From: Gopinath Krishnan <gopinathkris6[AT]gmail[DOT]com>
Subject: Mr. Ted Chu ("friend" of Kaushik Basu) and their trick of success

Mr. Ted Chu,

During your term as Chief Economist at International Financial Corporation – World Bank in Washington DC, you lured or caused relevant George Washington University departments to send AN ARMY of Chinese girls to World Bank to do FREE consultancy work (which is a violation of World Bank protocol that consultants must have sponsors).

Those were bright girls (beautiful or not) looking to use their OPT to do meaningful work relevant to their majors at GWU (statistics, economics, business). Yet, they were told to do repetitive, low-end work at IFC without pay and it was waste of time and their education. Those Chinese girls were made to believe they had to a path to careers at World Bank, but they spent their own money and got kicked out after free labor.

How come you did NOT recommend such “great” opportunities of being exploited by the World Bank for free to your fellow Malaysian Chinese men and women (NOT from Shanghai)?

Is DUMPING Chinese girls your trick of success in Washington DC and World Bank?

By the way , do you remember that one of your former STC – Xie HUANG (GWU Master Statistics 2012)? She used to work hard and over-time for you, yet she was kicked out by you from IFC just right after being told that “you cherished her a lot”?? Now she works at GOOGLE (Mountain View CA) as Sr. Strategist earning 500,000 USD a year. She’s more successful than you and doesn’t need your hypocritical “cherish”!!!

What a SHAME on You and your co-criminal Kaushik Basu.