Mortgage Assistance

From: Kortney Rodgers <kortney[AT]educatormortgagehelp[DOT]com>
Subject: Mortgage Assistance

Employee Recipient’s name, 
Are you aware that as an employee of George Mason University, you are eligible to participate in this mortgage program? 
* Is your mortgage rate over 3.5%? 
* Are you purchasing a new home? 
* Do you own your own home and need to eliminate consumer debt? 
* Have you been putting off that long awaited home improvement project? 
Even if you have refinanced or purchased 6 months ago, we might still be able to lower your payment. 
Appointments fill up quickly. To secure your spot, click on the link below or simply reply ‘yes’ to this email.
Click Here
Some of the special benefits you may receive with this program are: 
* Skip up to two months of your mortgage payment 
* Down payment as low as 3%
* Down payment assistance for qualified borrowers
* Complimentary valuation and savings analysis 
* Complimentary rent versus buying analysis
* Negotiated title and escrow fees 
Real Estate Licensed. Information deemed reliable but not affirmed. Rates subject to change. Newsletter Available. Not affiliated with any school district or government body. 
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