MANDATORY IT Security Awareness Training

From: Caitlin Owen <caitlin[dot]owen[at]doc[dot]ok[dot]gov>
Subject: MANDATORY IT Security Awareness Training

Mandatory IT Security Awareness Training Expires Today


The 2019 Security Awareness Training is expiring today.  This training is required for all employees. You can find the training here:


[link redacted]


To begin, sign in to the training Portal with your User ID and password, then click the Security Awareness Training button.  Please aim to complete this training within 24hrs.


In the coming days, you can expect to receive security tips from IT, designed to keep you secured.


Topics include:

·        Why not to share your password

·        How to password protect your smartphones and tablets

·        How to create secure passwords

·        How to recognize suspicious emails and links

We hope that you find this information beneficial and use these tips in your everyday work personal activities.  If you have questions about any of the emails that you receive as a part of this series, please visit the Security Awareness Training page at [link redacted].

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