Job Opening Close To The College

From: Sean Carter <SeanCarter00214[AT]outlook[DOT]com>
Subject: Job Opening Close To The College
Hello, good day. I am Sean, an alumnus of this college, graduated in 2011. I have an aunt, Jennifer. She is relocating to the college area. She is looking to hire a Dog sitter for her pet babies and a Baby-sitter for her 5-years old daughter. She is willing to pay each of them $350 weekly or $700 weekly to someone who can do both. If you are interested in any of these positions or know any staff/students interested, kindly forward this email to them and have them email her via
or text her via ( 561 )-501-2570
Also make sure your name and phone number are included in the email so she can get back to you.
Thank you and keep safe : )