George Mason University Tax Liability Relief Program

From: Heather Fazio <heather[AT]mpowerfinances[DOT]com>
Subject: George Mason University Tax Liability Relief Program
Hi Recipient’s name,
As an employee of George Mason University, you are eligible for a complimentary phone consultation to analyze your debt situation and see how and if we can help you.
During this 15 minute call, we will discuss the following situations:
• You owe $5,000 or more in IRS or State Tax Debt.
• You have any unfiled returns that go back 1 or more years
• You are in a financial hardship and are considering bankruptcy.
Schedule your free 15 minute consultation. “A” rated Accreditation with the BBB. All licensed professionals which include Enrolled Agents, former IRS Agents, CPAs & US Tax Attorneys who have collectively been working in the industry for over 50 years. Click below to schedule now:
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