G1 – 1 New invoice from Order Confirmed

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Subject: G1 - 1 New invoice from Order Confirmed

Date: Oct 27, 2022

Order ID: NRT/26296-592

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+1 (801) 305-3221

Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for joining the Norton family. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.
A 345.99 USD auto-debit has been issued from your linked account to renew your subscription with NORTON.
Your invoice details were sent to you in this email. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!


Product-Family Life Lock Protection- 3 Devices
Purchase Type: Subscription Auto-Renewal
Amount: 345.99 USD

Payment Method: Auto-Debit

Activation Code: NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT


You can enjoy Life online with all-in-one protection for your personal information. The package includes 2 years of Premium Antivirus, Safe Browsing, Identity Monitoring, and Secure VPN.

The debited amount will be reflected within the next 24 hours on your account on your A/C statement.
If you didn’t authorize this charge, you have 24 hours to cancel & get an instant refund of your subscription,
please contact our customer help desk: at +1 (801) 305-3221

Thanks & Regards,
N0RT0N Billing Department.
+1 (801) 305-3221

INVOICE #3875641

N0RT0N User
[Recipient’s NetID]@gmu.edu

PAYMENT DUE 27 Oct, 2022

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