Fw: US or Russia! Difference faces from the same coin

From: althani humanrights <civilrights[UNDERSCORE]althani38[AT]yahoo[DOT]com>
Subject: Fw: US or Russia! Difference faces from the same coin

October 2, 2022

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
The President of the United States of America

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: US or Russia, difference faces from the same coin

Dear President

It is indeed unfortunate to see how the United States is not being the exemplar country that everyone thought it was.
Over the past decades, the United States of America, through several of its own presidents have managed to tarnish the legacy of the United States, from being one of the most powerful nations across the globe to a nation whereby its power is being handed down to smaller players in the region who are carrying out the US agendas.

These smaller players will be the source that will infuse destruction within the US and its citizens. Qatar’s corrupted authorities have managed to entice US authorities to hand down such powers whilst the US remains in the shadows, not for long until these smaller allies would turn against their own.
In the past, the US has witnessed several situations whereby the parties that were trained and supported by the US to carry out certain missions, ended up during the process to turn against the US, an inevitable situation that will take its toll in due course

For years now, the US have instigated many wars, and every one of these wars ended with tragic losses inflicted unto the US citizens, sacrificing their own lives for a foreign strategy that yielded nothing but further losses to the United States

Today the United States is being placed at yet another crossroad, to decide the fate of many, in the US and across the globe. A crossroad that would either make path to a 3rd world war or take the world to a new era where leaders with powerful resources would compromise for the sake of humanity, the unpleasant truth is that the US is determined to choose the path to war

The most contradicting point in the process, is that the US claims to choose such path to protect the world from human rights violations, to free human from autocratic leaders, to help countries rid of their corrupted leadership and to provide them with freedom.

But how is such realized when the US is enforcing its presence in Qatar, supporting corrupted leadership that have imposed themselves on the citizens of the State.
US support towards these autocratic leaders have resulted in human rights violations being imposed on the citizens of Qatar, foreign residents and helpless migrant workers, whereby most have either been detained, tortured, exiled or enslaved for decades.

The US’s support has also enabled these corrupted authorities to financially support several extremists and terrorists group around the world, of which many already know that the US has opted the services of these terrorists in many occasions through Qatar’s corrupted authorities. Whereby the United States authorities fail to foresee that these terrorists and extremists will be exploited against the United States in due course by the same corrupted authorities that the US entrusted.
Whereby the unlimited support that the US has extended to Qatar’s corrupted authorities in return of financial benefits will alternatively cost the United States far more than what it benefited over the past decades.

Hence, before the US President makes bold statement against the ongoing crisis between Russia/Ukraine and how it is defined as an invasion of Ukraine, regardless whether the United States justifies its own position that it is defending the rights of the Ukrainians, the US should take a stroll down memory lane and visualize what it has done over the past few decades and how the US has invaded many countries and is currently occupying others.

Therefore, the United States should before requesting Russia to withdraw from Ukraine, the US should retrieve itself from Qatar, as the imposed invasion does not differ much from the Russian/Ukrainian crisis
Before the US present itself as an advocate of human rights and defend Ukraine, the US has still to answer to the crimes and atrocities it has caused in Iraq, the killing of thousands of Iraqis, the unnecessary loses of American lives that were wasted during that war, the millions of refugees that were derived from that war which enforced many to flee their own country seeking safe haven around the world.
The Iraqi war was an illusive threat that the US acted upon, then what differentiates the US from Russia’s current perception of threat, whereby both acted on the same illusion and cause destruction without true cause

Similar destructions have been repeated over and over, and the US was present always at the forefront of these wars, causing further losses and destruction, yielding nothing but disaster.
Afghanistan, Vietnam, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Pakistan War, and the several military interventions in Libya, Yemen and many other parts of the world.
What has the United States gained from any of these wars and what benefits did it bring to the citizens of the United States?

The US authorities should realize before it is too late, that its initiation of wars and support toward terror will eventually catch up to them and that its continuous involvement with Qatar’s corrupted authorities by extending to them the unlimited control over terror groups, will be the cause that will disintegrate the United States from its core

The United States should live by the old saying that “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, as the world can now clearly see through the US strategy and its conspiring involvement with Qatar’s corrupted authorities.