For all GMU-Schar faculty

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Subject: For all GMU-Schar faculty: Disputation on the power and efficacy of indulgences - a 500-year retrospective.

Attachments available until Apr 27, 2020

Hi GMU Schar School of Policy & Government,

Congratulations! You made it onto page 398:

[*link removed*] March 23 2020.pdf 531 KB And here’s the new pp. 399-400:

[*link removed*]March 26 2020.pdf 43 KB

[*link removed*] back page.pdf 643 KB And the update:

[*link removed*] 95 Theses JPB.pdf 181.6 MB

Eagerly awaiting the coffee date with America’s Dad Tim & GMU’s mom Anne Holton which I mentioned on page 33,

The Apprentice

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Hi GMU Schar School of Policy & Government,

My! There are so many of you.

Please read the attached .pdf […], as well as the email thread below.

Would any Malthusian sympathizers among you care to petition your Madame President on my behalf, for honorary bachelor’s & master’s degrees?

Signed, The Apprentice

Hungry for thesis advisors


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Hi Dr. Klink, I shared electronically, my 400-page “master’s thesis” with my uncle last night, whose mother worked for the Republican Party of Ohio and loved Ronald Reagan to death, and his response was … “Get that undergrad degree and a masters adviser and I will study it carefully.” [*text removed*]