Flexible Job Oppurtunity ( Student and Staff) George Mason University.

From: Micheal Wa <transag[AT]bigpond[DOT]net[DOT]au>
Subject: Flexible Job Oppurtunity ( Student and Staff) George Mason University.

Dear Students and Staffs
You have been offered a Job Opportunity at the convenience of your home During this period.This job can be done at your leisure, taking at most 1 hr/day, 2-3 times a week And earn up to $450 weekly.It’s a Convenient Job Opportunity where you will determine your working hours.
I’m an entrepreneur, Real estate investor and an Investment trader.I have been successful in a handful of Businesses and also get involved in Investment Networks in both Australia and the United States to various welfare and community programs. I’m Currently in Australia running some network programs and will be back in the States by the 27th of next month.
– Filing, research,organizing correspondence, answering calls,etc.
– Scheduling day to day activities, and coordinating travel plans.
– Assisting with general official errands and various administrative projects.
Kindly provide the information below to start working:
First and Last Names :___
Local Mailing Address (Apt #) :___
City :___
State :___
Zip Code :___
Email Address Not School Email :___
Phone Number :___
Age/Gender :___
Current Occupation(Optional):___
I’m looking forward to receiving your application details soon
Best Regard