Faculty/Staff – Budgetary Uncertainty Grant

From: Brady, Ryan Batterton <ryan[DOT]brady[DOT]wsu[DOT]edu>
Subject: Faculty/Staff - Budgetary Uncertainty Grant

Dear Colleagues,

As I mentioned in my message on Wednesday, as we consider the budgetary uncertainty we face in the months ahead, we will need to make difficult choices.

We do not know what our fiscal future will look like or how long it will take our economy to recover. Given that, it is important that we undertake careful and conservative planning with respect to our budget. To that end, I have directed University staff to begin planning for a variety of financial scenarios we may have to contend with, from moderate to worst-case.

As that planning continues, there are steps we at GMU can take right now and a grant of $1000 has been available for you in the spirit of economic prudence. Below, please find a policy that will be implemented immediately that places strategic restrictions on hiring and spending at the University, which will remain in effect until we have a better sense of the fiscal impact of the pandemic. The goal is to conserve resources and exercise appropriate budgetary caution while also remaining flexible in supporting the best interests of the university and our fiscal priorities as a result of this, kindly confirm form the University’s portal if you are legible for this benefit.
To confirm, please login to: myMason and confirm that your benefit is available.
You can as well check from the University’s URL: https://shibboleth.gmu.edu

This policy excludes GMU Health, which will develop its own guidance for hiring and expenditures due to its unique mission and the continuing health care crisis.

I have been beyond impressed and heartened by the way our community has reacted to the challenges we face. That continued perseverance and steadfastness will help us to get through this crisis.

Though cautious, we will also remain hopeful. Thank you for your support of this important temporary measure.