Extension granted / [recipient’s last name]

From: [Recipient's NetID]@gmu.edu - HOMED. <cu[DASH]kluqv[AT]animalcomparisonhand[DOT]life>
Subject: Extension granted / [recipient's last name]

[Recipient’s name]: (1) EXTENSION GRANTED

Hi [recipient’s first and last name],

Hello [recipient’s first name]
I’ve contacted you a few times this week, but I’m not positive that we have the right number. I’ll try emailing you again, is this address correct: [recipient’s NetID]@gmu.edu?
We are sending out a notice to all of our customers, including those we were unable to reach but who had submitted their contact information in-store or online, to celebrate spring. We provide customer upgrades every day as a way to say thank you to everyone who has backed us. It’s YOUR fortunate day since you’ve been given something unique today, so [recipient’s first name].
If you [*link removed], we’ll make sure to send your present to you as soon as we can, ideally this week. Please bear in mind that you have six hours to take action. After that period, we cannot guarantee that your update will still be accessible online.
Wishing you a great and healthy weekend!

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Ricardo Watson – The HomeDepot Team

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