Employment Verification Initiation

From: Verifications <verifications[AT]sterlingcheck[DOT]com>
Subject: Employment Verification Initiation


We are writing to you from Sterling. As a reputed consumer reporting agency, we perform a host of employment related background checks including verification of education, employment, etc.

On behalf of our client, we would like to request the verification of their applicant’s employment history at your organization.

We request you to kindly complete the information requested below and return it either by replying to this email or fax us at our toll-free fax line 866-865-0973, attn to: Verification’s Team.

Previous Employee’s Name: Employee’s name Previous Employee’s SSN: XXX-XX-xxxx

Starting Date: ___/___/____ Ending Date: ___/___/____ Position(s) Held: _____________________________________________________ Duties: ____________________________________________________________ Eligible for Rehire: Yes: ____ No: ____ If no, why not? _______________________________________________________ Reason for Leaving: ___________________________________________________ Additional Comments: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________   Your Name: _________________________ Your Title: _____________________ Your Email: _________________________ Your Phone: ____________________   Please note: This request is time sensitive, as our client needs to fill this open position as soon as possible.

Any efforts you make to expedite the transmission of this information would be greatly appreciated.   [Internal Reference Number:{163807741}

Thank you, Verification Team Sterling Phone: 877-893-6130  |   Fax: 866-865-0973 verifications@sterlingcheck.com sterlingcheck.com