Earn $30 in 1.5 hours by testing a design tool

From: Craig Yu <craigyu[AT]GMU[DOT]EDU>
Subject: Earn $30 in 1.5 hours by testing a design tool

Hi All,

We are looking for users to test out the usage of our character design tool in a simulated studio scenario (IRBNet number: 1452851-1).

You will be compensated $30 for a user study lasting 1.5 hours. You will be asked to present a character design idea to two artists and brainstorm with them in two separate sessions each lasting less than 30 minutes over Zoom.  You will coordinate with the artist on the final design via email until it meets your expectations.

You may contact Ph.D. student Rawan at rawan.alghofaili@gmail.com to set up a time for the study.

Thank you,

Rawan and Craig

Lap-Fai (Craig) Yu

Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science

George Mason University Email: craigyu@gmu.edu

URL: https://cs.gmu.edu/~craigyu/