Dear Qualified Student!!!

From: VILLACA√ĎAS DUAIGUES, JOSEP LLUIS <villacanasdj[AT]martorelles[DOT]cat>
Subject: Dear Qualified Student!!!

Dear Qualified Student,

Your 2023 Student Benefit Check has been approved by the College Board and payment is set to be released. This grant is to support students in paying educational and personal bills. This is not a loan so you are not required to pay back.

For claims, Kindly submit below:

1.Full names,
2.Mobile Number
3.Personal email.

Response to this email must go to our Grant Coordinator whose information are stated below:

Contact Person: Charles Montgomery
Contact Email:

NB: Do not directly reply to this email as this is a non-reply email.
Your application details should be sent to Mr Charles Montgomery only Endeavor to contact him via your personal email (Gmail,yahoo,hotmail,icloud etc) .