Compliance and Ethics Training

From: Crumpton, Christine <crumptonchr[AT]fssd[DOT]org >
Subject: Compliance and Ethics Training

Good morning;

Our records indicate that your Discrimination and Harassment training will expire within 24hrs. You are required to complete this training within 24hrs. All employee MUST complete Discrimination and Harassment Training to comply with State law. Employee must complete training regardless of the type of work they do as defined in the Mandatory Training Policy 3364-25-127.

In order to keep your training updated, you may register on our Training Calendar for a live training session or take the online training [*link removed*]

Anyone who has not completed the required training will be placed on suspension without pay. The law requires you to complete the required hours. So this is your responsibility as an employee. This is mandatory and you cannot work at our office without abiding by the law.

We are committed to providing a workplace that promotes fairness, equity and safety for all employees. We also have a responsibility to comply with federal, state and County laws. To ensure managers and employees are in compliance with federal, state and County laws, we provide mandatory training for all employees. It is the responsibility of employees and their managers to ensure that all mandatory training is completed within the specified timeframe and/or is completed on a continuing basis, as required.
Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

Thank you,
Human Resources Training & Development