Clinton Carlson

From: Jason Berrones <jasontengah36[AT]aol[DOT]com>
Subject: Clinton Carlson

It’d be nice to keep humans like you isolated from the public.
Have u been such addicted since you were a child or did you become such a human over the years?
U definitely can’t be called an adequate individual cuz you’re too obsessed with onanism.
You dare shake hands with humans using your hand after nastily fondling urself?
By the way, there are no troubles with getting access to ur e-mail box and downloading your contact list.
I have the video clip with evidence of your sins and this’s because it’s a way too simple to access to ur web camera.
I may remove everything and forget about u, and for this to happen, u do this 1051 usd, Bitcoin 17tUkM9ef9GpJqCFDhFUHrTCZ5feo8S6h3 shortly.
If u do not implement the conditions, then in eighty eight hours all ur filth and rottenness will become publicly available, and I will share it with you contacts.