Changing Lives

From: Future Self Project <electionworkers[AT]charlestoncounty[DOT]org>
Subject: Changing Lives Future Self Project

It will be advantageous to you and your family if you read my letter with an open mind.

Below is my profile and who I am.

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I spent my 20s in a series of jobs that never stuck. By the time I was 28, I felt lost. I went to temple for the High Holidays for the first time since I was a kid. Because I couldn’t follow the Hebrew, I started writing in a notebook. I wrote about my failed dreams and how I felt like a passive follower on my life journey—not a passionate protagonist.

Adding to my Book of Life has become an annual commitment for the past 28 years. I have come to call this “partnering with my future self.” Each year I ask what future Mark would thank present Mark for doing. I then commit to make it happen. Through this practice, I have changed my life—gaining the focus to improve habits, relationships, and build companies.

When a community comes together to solve its own problems it reclaims its agency and becomes emboldened. This community focus is core to my giving philosophy, which is shaped by a desire to facilitate entrepreneurial ingenuity so that people can take sustainable and regenerative action in their communities.

I am motivated by the forces that shape me. I hope my children can live in a world that is regenerative, biodiverse, balanced, and thriving. To that end, I plan to end poverty in my community as much as I can, You are my community.

It is with great joy that I am launching the Future Self Project. This Project is basically helping to change the future of generations to come by helping random individuals build generational wealth.

If you received this letter, You have been cautiously selected to be a beneficiary of my Future Self Project. What this entails is quite straightforward. We will be giving you $1.5 Million. No Strings Attached!

All I need you to do is confirm your Full Name and Full Address and I will provide you with further instructions on how you will be paid.

The problems we face are human problems and therefore are capable of human solutions.

Mark Jonathan Pincus