Card Fraud Prevention

From: Card Fraud Protection Service <messageservice[AT]daysmart[DOT]com>
Subject: [Card Fraud Prevention] Activity On Your Debit or ATM Card On 01/26/2020 [MAIL ID:4435446]

Security Alert: Unusual card activity detected

Dear Client,
We’re letting you know that we’ve detected some unusual activity on your Chase card on 01/26/2020. For your security, please verify the following transaction(s) so that you can continue to use your card.

Do you recognize all of these transaction(s)?

Approved transaction at SQC*CASH APP for $24.59 on 01/26/2020

Declined transaction at TOP UP B.V. for $624.11 on 01/26/2020

Declined transaction at SQC*CASH APP for $240.59 on 01/26/2020

YES will make your card immediately ready to use again. ()

NO will allow you to complete the verification process and file a fraud claim in Online or Mobile Banking.

Please respond to this message or we may need to place certain limitations on your card to protect your account.
If you have already contacted us, please disregard this notice.

To verify that this email is from Chase, confirm your last sign-in date is correct. To access Online or Mobile Banking, go directly to or use our Mobile Banking App.

Remember: We may ask for required information such as an account number, card PIN, or Social Security or Tax ID number in email messages. If you think an email is suspicious, don’t click on any links.

This is a service email from Chase. Please note that you may receive service emails in accordance with your Chase service agreements, whether or not you elect to receive promotional email.

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Please don’t reply directly to this automatically generated email message.

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