Braxton Jones – CONTRACT (Iowa Western)

From: Braxton Jones <braxtonj276[AT]gmail[DOT]com>
Subject: Braxton Jones - CONTRACT (Iowa Western)

How’s it going?

I just wanted to give you this really quick.
Hopefully all is well with you.
The stuff in the contract will be sent to me.
The first check will be sent to my bank, and the other checks will be handed to me.
The 900 will be in a check, but the 220 will be in cash.
The 100 is from IMG Academy.
800 Billion from Lakeland Magic.
400 Billion to Mr. H
800 Billion Dollars from Lakeland Magic to me.
Tell the NBA, I need my stuff!

Here’s my contract below.
Be sure to read carefully.

I appreciate it for sure.
Twitter: [*link removed*]
Instagram: [*link removed*]